Bodmer - Kaltumformung (KUF) - Systems AG

Bodmer - Kaltumformung (KUF) - Systems AG introduced worldwide a completely new riveting technology with the development of the Taumel process in the sixties.

Today Bodmer is able to offer the most modern two and three dimensional riveting and cold forming processes. Virtually all cold forming operations can be carried out on standard machines by equipping them with multiple riveting heads of light and heavy duty design.

The Bodmer BK cold forming machines, units and spindles can be used for the handling of miniature components made of fragile materials and even bolts up to 50 mm diameter.

Company Portrait

Foundation of the business as a sole trader
Takeover of the business by Gottfried Bodmer
Restructuring of the business by making it a general partnership with the title: Bodmer Maschinenbau, G. & E. Bodmer
Change of the corporate form of the business to Bodmer Küsnacht AG, Proprietors G. & E. Bodmer
Sale of the business to KVT to safeguard rights of inheritance
Sale of the holding of Debrunner (the proprietor of KVT) to Klöckner Steel, Duisburg, Germany
Repurchase and transfer of the company back into family ownership, expansion of the Board of Directors
New company name: Bodmer - Kaltumformung (KUF) - Systems AG and relocated its headquarters to 8733 Eschenbach (SG) and moved into new buildings there.