The BK cold forming machines and devices with electronic system management are designed in modular form. They can be used for any application and in any size you may require. They are flexible in use and available with various levels of power output and can be equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

They can be applied for the working of miniature parts in fragile machines that form 50 mm diameter bolts and even larger ones. They can handle flexible or rigid connections.

The quick changeover from the single spindle machine to one equipped with multiple spindles cuts the downtimes. The reliable control system for the setting of all the parameters guarantees the quality of your products, so as to make certain you obtain a good riveted joint.

All models can be supplied as table or column mounted, or as CNC machines. Cold working units or spindles are also available. This large range of equipment is backed by a vast series of useful accessories such as tools, appliances and workpiece holding devices.

The machines and units are equipped with long life lubricating equipment for the bearing surfaces. Their wearparts are covered with a special coating and, as a result, maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Rotary Presses
Rotary Presses